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You are in for a big treat. My passion is to empower people and co-create the life they deserve and desire. This is why I'm publishing this 14 lesson video e-class to introduce spiritual methods to those new to their spiritual connection and refresh the memories of those who have been on their path for a long time or are just rekindling their connection.

I have spent well over 45,000 hours in my studio and with clients searching, documenting, and accounting for universal truth. All of this has led me to my new adventure in bringing what I've learned and taught in my studio to more people around the globe. It is with great pleasure that I begin our connection and realization of Spiritual Self Mastery together.

In this first e-class, I'll share a little about myself and outline the future content of these classes. As I worked on this project, I began to identify new language as well as develop a deeper understanding of words I've used for some time in my practice, such as portal and channel. I've determined that portals are openings to new ways and new information and a channel is the route we take to experience and integrate our Spiritual Self Mastery. Each class is a portal to a channel of new understanding and tools to achieve your Spiritual Self Mastery.

About This Lesson

This is the first of 14 e-classes. In this twelve minute presentation, I'll launch the new e-class series and introduce you to your multi-dimensional self, which includes: our physical self, mental self, emotional self, and spiritual self. In the video, I'll discuss in detail what each of these mean and how they impact our personal worlds.

These e-classes will teach you methods to access the channel that will connect you and align you with your true callings and purposes. I have developed formulas that are adaptable to your individual needs and I'll be teaching these in each issue of the e-class over the next year.

My students that have practiced the teachings and methods included in these e-classes have aligned with their true self and created a life that was beyond their greatest original expectations. They have manifested an abundance of love, wealth, and miraculous health. You too can experience these things by following your true divine calling and gifts. During this class, I'll also share with you the foundation to your spiritual and healing journey: ethics. For the safety of yourself and those around you, practicing ethics is imperative. We all have free will - it is our God given right, and I'll explain how to use ethics in your work and how to use it when co-creating.

Some of the topics we'll discuss are:

Meditation, Manifesting with intentions, Reiki - the foundation for self mastery, sacred circles, sacred sites, auras, introduction to our guides, chakras, Mediumship, using a pendulum, Higher Self, and more. Many wonderful people on this planet today are pursuing their own spiritual path to create satisfying and happy lives. They are discovering that without a spiritual life and connection to the Supreme Being that life is empty and unfulfilling. If you have been looking for your true spiritual calling and purpose all your life, then you are a member of like minded beings that came to this planet with a mission to make it a better place and evolve into a more loving empowerment. Your connection with this e-class will help you on this path. I’ve created a great community. . .“The Outer Edge Community” is a also a great opportunity to connect more fully with other like minded people in a monthly on-line get together. The energy this group develops is very powerful. I hope you get an opportunity to experience this energy.

You can connect through my blog http://www.SpiritualSelfMastery.com and you can get the details about the Outer Edge Community at http://www.SpiritualSelfMastery.net/outeredge.html . Watch for more new methods in the coming weeks. The next e-class will discuss the power of meditation.

Hello and welcome to your connection to my spiritual studio. Penny Weaver here.

Would you like to be the master of your life, your destiny?

Would you like to feel aligned with the supreme good of the universe?

Would you like to be abundant in love, work, play?

Following the teachings of this program will help you know your true divine callings, gifts, purposes and help you put your gifts in action. In my work as personal spiritual advisor and energy advisor I have helped many align with their true callings and to succeed in their lives beyond their greatest original expectations.

I have developed formulas that are adaptable to individual needs to accomplish this. And of course I use these methods in every area of my own life. I will tell you more about myself and my powers later.

This program is multidimensional and has to do with being connected and balanced in all dimensions that you exist in. As a human being you exist and have access to 4 major dimensions. These dimensions are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The physical dimension is the part of us that is material i.e., body, matter, all that we can see touch feel it is all around us.

Mental is what we think and how we project our thoughts.

Emotional is unconditional love, love and all the other feelings that we experience Spiritual is the divine part of us that is related to the Supreme Being or source that we often call god goddess, maker.

The material world is a manifestation of our mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. In other words if we do not feel worthy we often find ourselves in situations that make us feel worthless. Whatever we believe we project into all of the dimensions and then it is made material in the physical world. Also due to the polarity of the physical world the opposite of what we believe sometimes is materialized as well. As an example of this maybe you know someone or even yourself trying to be really good and do good and then people return our good favors with meanness.

Our mental dimension is very important because everything in the universe is mental and therefore what we think we create. And later we will talk about the way to make intentions through our mental energies to create in the material world.

Our emotional energies or dimension will magnetize to us, bring to us situations that create the emotions that we are having. For example if you are in a good mood it is often contagious and people will cooperate and connect with you easier. If we are in a bad mood and negative we tend to repel others or provoke negative responses.

Now the spiritual dimension is sometimes described as being in the zone, feeling connected, feeling unconditional love. It is an awareness of our connection to the Supreme Being and goodness in all of life. Being in touch with our spiritual dimension makes us feel like we are living our purposes/reasons for coming to this planet. Having our spirituality makes us aware that we are living our purpose and achieving our spiritual contracts to be of service on the planet and in all of the 4 multi-dimensional realms that we exist in.

The reason so many people are pursuing their own spirituality today is because it is the most satisfying way to live happily on this planet. Without a spiritual life and connection to the Supreme Being, material gains and existence is empty and unfulfilling.

Have you been looking for your true spiritual callings and purposes all your life? If so you are a member of “the like minded beings” that came to this planet with a mission to make it a better place and to evolve ourselves into more loving empowerment.

Being spiritual also gives us a respect and care for all of life. Ethics of your practice of these methods is imperative. It is so important to have ethics in our work for the safety of you, the practitioner and the people that you know.

The ethics are plain and simple. Each person has free will; it is our god given right to have free will and to exercise it. So we preface all of your prayers and intentions for our self and others with the statement “according to the divine plan”. By doing this, the outcomes are out of your hands and in the hands of the divine where it should be; we are not playing god. When we preface our work with “according to the divine plan” what you are really saying is that you are open for the best that source will deliver. The results of this have been miraculous and amazing for many of my students and for me. When you intend the best and then make it open for the divine plan amazing outcomes occur. Outcomes that is so amazing that go beyond your imaginations and expectations. If you haven’t tried it, try it yourself by making a prayer about something in your life and asking for help and a divine outcome and make sure you keep a journal on it to follow the results. I am sure you will be utterly amazed.

In this welcome we have touched on the meaning of being multidimensional and the power of ethics.

In the following e-classes I’ll be discussing and demonstrating aspects and techniques to use your multidimensional abilities to achieve happiness and success in your life. The beauty of these methods is that they are contagious you will also see that those around you will get better and happier too.

I promised to tell you some more about myself: as a very young child I had psychic and healing abilities. They were not very well understood by the adults that were in charge of me, so it did take me many years to develop my gifts.

I had several experiences that really made me feel like I was close and home in my gifts. Those times were when I was first learned meditation by a New York guru; when I was suddenly awakened by my truth while accidentally visiting a holy sacred ground; while taking reiki class and working as a psychotherapist with people who had experienced severe brain damage from traumatic accidents.

In my later years, I have had 3 near death experiences. I personally have been determined to stay on the earth and to continue my life here and all the wonderful relationships that I have. I have learned much about healing and empowering oneself even in the face of terminal illness. All of this I will continue to share with you as we go along. In all of my years of spiritual advising I have discovered that each of us has a higher self and that when we use that higher self for guidance we are always in the supreme good of life. Connection to the higher self places us in a channel of abundance and takes us out of the channel of scarcity.

We each can channel so much abundance for ourselves. We can actually channel so much more that we need that we can have lots to share with others. We truly are all one, we are each a seed of the divine source. There is no need to compete with others. When we channel abundance then we can be in the energy of cooperation with all of life. We can be in the energy of abundance versus scarcity and fear.

In conclusion, developing our multi-dimensions, connecting to the Supreme Being, communicating to our higher self, and practicing ethics are all important components of the mastery of your life and destiny.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The natural becomes supernatural.

Until we connect again many blessings to you and yours.

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