Congratulations! Mystery School Basics is a wonderful discovery into your self and your connection with spirit.

This collection is a 14 lesson video series. Working with this series will help you know and use your mystical powers for your highest good. You will learn structures and ethics that will increase your manifestation and healing powers exponentially. And you will be versed in powerful tools passed down from the ancients to assist you in transforming your life from the everyday/mundane to meaningful, mystical adventures.

Each Lesson has three components:
  1. Introduction; a short note from me providing a personal reflection of the topic.
  2. About The Lesson; A brief overview of what is contained in each video.
  3. Transcription; a word for word written transcription of the video so you can read and listen or just read.
If you have questions, please email me. I address the answers to many of the questions in the monthly Outer Edge Monthly teleseminars.

Outer Edge Community is an online community that meets monthly to expand your Mystery School education and learn to manage your energies and anchor the new energies coming to earth in preparation for the wondrous changes we’re experience now and will continue into 2012. Check out how to be involved at

When you attend your first teleseminar I offer a free 15 minute private sitting to answer specific questions and customize the Mystery School Classes to the needs of the group.

I also encourage you to email me your experiences and successes.

Many blessings,

Penny Weaver
The Energy Advisor

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This information is intended for spiritual enrichment and benefit and not meant for physical, emotional, or mental advice or diagnosis.