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Legal Management
Program Description:

A study designed not only to prepare the students for a law program or other post baccalaureate study in management or public administration, but also to develop in them entrepreneurial skills.

UST Legal Management Society (LM Soc) - the official student organization of Legal Management majors. The group is a founding member of the Philippine Alliance of Legal Management Societies (PALMS), a federation of legal management societies in different colleges and universities in the country. In March 2001, LM Soc produced most of the year's academic and leadership awardees, including the top three graduates in the entire college.

Amicus Curiae, LM Outreach Council, Lex Argumentum, Lex Fortius, Lokal Musikeros, Lex Baile

UST Literary Society - the official student organization of Literature majors.

UST Philosophy Council or Concilium Philosophiae - the official student organization of Philosophy majors. In 1998, the group started recruiting members from outside the Philosophy Department. The purpose is to promote philosophy and debate as an interesting discipline even to non-philosophy students.

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