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faculty of arts and letter
The Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Santo Tomas is a four-year program which leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Arts and Letters with ten different majors.

About the Department

The Faculty of Arts and Letters is an institution of learning geared towards the development and fulfillment of the total person, the Universal Man, focusing on the Arts and the Humanities, mainly, and spreading out to include the sciences, social and natural, guided by Christian faith and avowed Thomasian ideals and the highest social, national, international and even global standards and objectives.

The envisioned goal is the Colege's turning out not only of learned but wisened individuals who, motivated by the highest standards of excellence, excel in their chosen fields, eventually becoming role models in society, potential leaders and achievers of the country, all in the spirit not only of personal but also social and more importantly, spiritual commitment.

The Faculty's goals and objectives are:
  1. An ideal confluence of mind, heart and spirit, in the service of the total rounded man.
  2. Expertise in one's own chosen field and an adequate spreading out of interests, skils, concerns, in other, fields, allied of otherwise.
  3. An enhanced and enriched cultural background including a sense of history and tradition while being abreast with the modern technology of a network world.
  4. Ample exposure to and immersion in research as well as creative and critical endeavors.
  5. Sympathy and concern for the socially needy and handicapped through consistent efforts and interst in community service.
  6. Constant cultivation and preservation of Philippine values at the same time cognizant of what are timeless and universal.

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