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faculty history
The liberal arts and philosophy had been taught in the University of Santo Tomas since its foundation in 1611.The Faculty of Philosophy and Letters was established in 1896 and the College of Liberal Arts in 1926. In 1964, however these two colleges were merged and given the general name of Faculty of Arts and Letters. Courses offered then were Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Literature, and Bachelor of Philosophy. In the course of time, new majors were offered. In the academic year 1971 to 1972, the Faculty started to offer the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies, Behavioral Science (which evolved form the originally offered LiA-Com), Communication Arts, Economics, Journalism, Literature, Philosophy,Political Science, Sociology, and Translation(which was eventually phased out).

In 1994, another major, Legal Management, was created to serve the relevant needs of students who intend to go to law after graduation. And so, presently, ten majors are offered in the Faculty of Arts and Letters to wit; Asian Studies, Behavioral Science, Communication Arts, Economics, Jouranlism, Literature, Legal Management, Political Science, Philosophy, and Sociology.

Common courses offered in the Faculty of Arts and Letters are designed to develop the minds and sensibilities of the students and to inculcate in them human values and the appreciation of the country's cultural heritage in the light of Christian faith and tradition. Furthermore, they intend to provide the students with the necessary background for them to develop into informed, responsible, and concerned rounded citizens of this country, guided by the mission-vision not only of the College but more importantly, of the University of Santo Tomas.

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