Discover How You Can Save $3 to $7 Out Of Every $10 You Spend Running Your Business
Become a Waste Buster!

While companies scramble to find ways to increase their sales, profits, and market share, there is a secret that none of them realize. If they put an end to CRAZY WASTE they can grow their bottom line by 10%, 20%, even 30%, without increasing last year’s sales.

The Stop the Crazy Waste program is an interactive workshop setting that will show you and your team how to stop wasting precious resources, time and money.

Others who thought Crabtree was crazy left this workshop saying “You’re right; there really is 30% to 70% waste in our organization . . . you really opened my eyes to the reality".

This results oriented workshop is not a “sit and listen” video program. You’ll have fun, interact with your team while learning new ways that with change the way you do business and improve profitability and profits.

During Stop the Crazy Waste Workshop™ video program you will:
  • Learn simple-yet-effective techniques to find and eliminate business waste.
  • Find the wasted $3 to $7 of every $10 you spend running your business.
  • Return money to your bank account fast – and stop the bleeding.
  • Excite your team to find and eliminate wasted resources for you every day.
At the end of this workshop your team will become Waste Busters!
And You’ll See More Profit and Effectiveness.

This program’s techniques leverage the best-of-the-best tools from Lean Six Sigma, High Performing Teams, the Toyota Production System, and many other operational excellence methods for service businesses or the front office of manufacturing. We’ve stripped the fancy jargon and created short cuts that are so effective, you’ll implement change immediately and see more results faster.

This fun and highly interactive video program includes a series of hands-on exercises to help your team internalize the concepts learned; making your job easier.

The Stop the Crazy Waste Workshop video program has three disks with everything you need for success.