The Hidden Secrets Facilitators Need to Know To Get Teams Excited And Energized To Take Action Now!

How to Create Waste Busters! in Your Organization

Disc 2 - 25 Minute Facilitator Training Video

This video is designed as a train-the-trainer instruction to arm facilitators and team leaders with powerful tips and techniques to charter and conduct waste and variation elimination activities that get results fast. In this video Ron Crabtree shares the insights he uses to create Waste Busters! in organizations around the world. The tips he’ll share will make you a near-master in this process very quickly.

In the video Ron will detail his 7-step process to plan and conduct a waste and variation reduction activity that is sure to get people excited, motivated, and best of all – deliver tangible results for your organization quickly. You will get great techniques drawn from many bodies of knowledge including Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, High Performing Teams and the technique called ‘Kaizen’. Ron has customized these approaches for services organizations and the front office so it’s easy to apply to your business.

The process includes:
  • Prepare For Your Workshop – set the context and objectives - Nail your scope, secure sponsorship, plan the necessary time, pick the right team, pre-workshop and data collection tips, setting initial goals and measures for success.

  • Set The Rules Of The Game – Establish a clear agenda, establish team rules, brainstorming rules, and keys to being a "killer facilitator".

  • Discovery, 1st Ideation and Organization – How to get a great list of initial ideas on the sources of waste, Ron’s "5 secret questions" that gets even the most skeptical team members to GET EXCITED about making changes happen - fast, and understanding the power of Socratic Questioning.

  • Quantification & Prioritization – How to quantify the sources of waste for optimization, How to "cut to the chase" quickly, How to leverage the "Hawthorne Effect".

  • Actions, 2nd Ideation And Organization – Tips for generating practical and effective improvement ideas that are action-oriented, and methods to organize ideas into logical groups.

  • Action Prioritization – Ron gives you his "quick consensus" method to rank ideas on impact, do ability, and cost so you get to your "low hanging fruit" actions first, and get complete buy-in and acceptance of the plan.

  • Implementation Planning & Execution – Ideas are useless without implementation; learn simple techniques for assigning and managing implementation, setting final team goals and measures of success that "stretch the team, and tips to measure for success.
When you finish this video you’ll be ready to lead your team and create Waste Busters!