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In this engaging how-to video workshop you will:
  • Discover Wastes and Where They Hide – The truth is, sources of waste aren't obvious. Many companies simply cut salaries, don’t give bonuses or cut back on resources to save money. This is NOT the solution. You have to dive into your business, learn the tools to analyze your processes, and find out tons of hidden wastes that you can stop immediately!

  • Identify The Percentage of Waste in YOUR Organization – You'll leave the Stop the Crazy Waste Workshop armed with tools to learn how to identify what percentage of your spending is wasteful. All companies are different and we understand that. We give you tools that can be custom built for your specific organization. Remember, businesses need to spend money, but you have to spend money in the right places and cut it in others. We teach you the difference.

  • Zero-in on and quantify root causes – Many companies treat the symptoms of their problems but in order to grow your business and cut all the wasteful spending you have to identify the root causes. Many organizations have been doing business in a certain way for so long, they no longer can see the root causes. The time for change is now. And we’ll show you what to do!

  • Generate GREAT ideas to Eliminate the Sources of Waste Forever – This workshop is interactive. We understand that all businesses are different and we are not offering a one size fit all solution. Your team will look through their new ‘value add’ lenses that we will teach them. They will know how to analyze your business so they are prepared to make specific changes.

  • Energize and Excite EVERYONE to Take Action NOW – Stop The Crazy Waste™ workshop is going to improve company morale and get your employees excited about making change that will positively affect them. If you can add 30%-70% to your bottom line, that may mean your survival or it may mean more salary increases, more job security and less panic within your organization. Our Workshop has a profound affect on morale in the companies that participate.

  • Create an Effective Waste Elimination Plan to Attach Sources of Waste

    Before you finish you must take the last and very important step, create the plan, make assignments, determine the method to measure your results and hold the team accountable. Lean an easy method to develop the plan that works in a matter of minutes.